The Surface Master Process Explained

Inspection Of Areas

First we inspect the area to be cleaned and discuss requirements and any concerns with pets or children etc while the tile and grout cleaning process is being performed.

Movement of Furniture

We would have probably already discussed furniture moving requirements when we did the quote. So long as lots of the small stuff has been removed we can manage the few big items left in the room. We can either do this by cleaning in sections or putting protective sliders under furniture legs to move it around while the tile and grout cleaning process is carried out.

Application of Cleaning Product

A specialised tile and grout cleaning restoration product is applied by mop and bucket to the floors which immediately gets to work at dissolving the grease and grime from your tile and grout floors. We often ask if we can use a laundry tap to fill a bucket with hot water if possible for this process.

Pre Scrubbing and Dwell Time

Once the tile and grout cleaning product is on the floor it is important to give it enough time to do its job. while this is happening we finish preparing to rinse the product off. Also brushing is used at this stage to make sure product is applied evenly over the floor and we scrub any of the really dirty grout lines to be sure the product penetrates these.

Drying and Inspection of Area

Once the tile and grout cleaning process is complete we go over the floor with a micro fiber mop to pickup the bulk of the moisture residue and insure no smears are left on the tile surface. Inspection is carried out at this time to be sure of consistency and to check areas under appliances ect.

Rinsing and Neutralizing Floors

Our high pressure tile and grout cleaning machine is used to high pressure clean and rinse the floor. This process fires up to 1500 psi into the grout and flushes out all the grease and grime while removing the the specialised cleaning product. Another product is injected into the rinse water outside at the machine that insures your floors and returned back a natural ph state after the tile and grout cleaning process has been performed. This process does not wet other areas of the house as the machine is fully encased with massive vacuum applied to suck all the rinse water outside to a holding tank in our trailer. After the tile and grout cleaning process is complete the floors are as wet as they would be when you mopped it.