Steam Carpet Cleaning or Dry carpet cleaning?


Carpets should always be kept thoroughly clean, and there is no better way to do this but to have a steam carpet cleaning performed at least every 10 months. Unlike ordinary vacuum carpet cleaning, this process is far better at getting even to the tiniest dirt  & stains out of your carpet. Dry Carpet Cleaning is an excellent option when you need the service performed in the winter months when steam carpet cleaning would take longer to dry. Steam carpet cleaning should be performed about every third carpet clean even if you prefer dry carpet cleaning.

The process involves prespraying a cleaning solution onto carpet followed by manual or mechanical agitation the dwell time to let the solution take maximum effect. After that comes the steam carpet cleaning with the use of our state of the art truckmount steam carpet cleaning machine that rinse away all the dirt the prespray has helped release from the fibre in your carpet.


Steam Carpet Cleaning is like washing the carpet fibres.

There are now lots of cleaning service providers you can depend on for steam carpet cleaning. You only have to choose which one provides the kind of service you need. It’s really a great help for busy mums and dads. Aside from being a time-saver, you now have the energy for other more important tasks, or just the perfect opportunity to relax and take in the sight of your freshly cleaned carpet.

While other companies offer only plain carpet cleaning services with portable machines that dont heat the water, there are some around Brisbane that include steam carpet cleaning in their service packages. But this does not mean you  will have to pay a lot more money. Though you will basically find you get what you pay for  if you choose the cheapest service you may need one of the better steam carpet cleaning services to come and fix problems with over wet carpet or left over residue from presprays that the cheaper cleaners leave behind.

In the neighboring areas of Brisbane like Gold Coast and Logan, you can also find steam carpet cleaning companies that do not just specialize in plain carpet cleaning.You can combine carpet cleaning with many other services they offer like mattress cleaning and tile cleaning. It is great news since you now have many options when it comes to hiring a carpet cleaning partner.

Steam carpet cleaning can:

  • Eliminate stain/dirt/pet furs thoroughly
  • Leaves your carpet with a cleaner and welcoming smell
  • Gives your carpet a way better protection from damage

There are many reasons why clients of carpet cleaning companies are starting to shift from dry carpet cleaning to steam carpet cleaning. The results speak for themselves when you consider dry carpet cleaning is like polishing your carpet and steam carpet cleaning is like washing your carpet.


Surface Master Steam Carpet Cleaning and dry carpet cleaning