Tile and Grout Cleaning Challenge


Before Floor 1Today’s Tile and Grout Cleaning job was at a Hair Salon in Logan that had recently had a flood. There was allot of hair products in the grout which lifted during the flood and settled on the surface of the grout. The build up on the surface of the grout was so thick that you could scrape it off in hole chunks with a razor blade.  This first Tile and Grout Cleaner that was hired to do the job was unable to remove hardly any of the build up at all which left the customer very disappointed.




during floor 1That is when they decided to call Surface Master to have a look at the problem and see we could make it any better. We basically used our regular tile and grout cleaning process except we allowed a much longer dwell time with the cleaning product and manually scrubbed it with brushes until we were satisfied the cleaner had broken down all the build up.





after floor 3After that we high pressure cleaned the floor and the results were simply amazing compared to the last cleaners attempt to rectify the problem. The salon owners were over the moon that there tile and grout now looked almost new again and we left very satisfied that we were able to make another customer happy.