We spend about eight hours out of every day lying down on a mattress so it is a good idea to keep your mattress as clean and fresh as you can.  We perspire when we sleep which bed linen absorbs most of it but some also get through to the mattress including skin cells that fall off the human body. Dust mites feed off the skin cells on the mattress and leave behind tiny traces of fecal matter which can cause allergies and make us itch at night when we are trying to sleep.


Tips for a hygienic Mattress


There are some things we can do to keep our mattress healthy for longer

  • A mattress protector will  reduce the amount of soiling on mattress but should be cleaned regularly
  • Clean and Fresh bed linen as often as possible will help and lets face it  who doesn’t love clean sheet day.
  • It is recommended if you have a double sided mattress that it be flipped over every six months to increase the life and reduce sagging.
  •  When changing the sheets you should vacuum  the mattress to pick up any unwanted debris and reduce build up.
  •  Leaving you mattress outside on a sunny day will kill bacteria and remove moisture.


Call a Professional Cleaner


Call a professional cleaner once a year as the have the equipment and solutions the regular homeowner does not.

  • A hospital grade vacuum with heap filter is used to clean the mattress. Hospital grade vacuums have filters that can trap many more particles without having them come out of the back of the vacuum.
  • An antimicrobial treatment is used to kill bacteria and dust mites leaving your mattress fresh and clean
  • You mattress is rinsed with high temp and vacuum steam cleaning tool the same as used for upholstery  Cleaning.
  • Some stains on a mattress are usually permanent stains but you can be rest assured after a professional clean the area is sanitized and it is only a colour dyed stain that remains.


Surface Master hope this article has helped give you some idea on keeping your mattress a little more hygienic clean for a cozy uninterrupted sleep at night.