How to Colour grout

Grout is a very porous material. Dirt is easily absorbed into it and the floor starts looking shabby. Colour grout sealing comes as a relief and solve this problem. The floor will still get dirty but cleaning will be easy and will have better results.

Colour grout sealers are very popular nowadays and are used widely. These sealers are matched to the original grout colour or colour of your choice and applied.

Colour grout sealing is a process where in the colour grout sealer is coated on the Grout. After a coat the grout becomes non porous. This process not only makes the grout water proof but also acts as antifungal, antimicrobial to the surface.

colour grout sealing fulfills three basic goals –

  •      It forms a barrier to the floor stains.
  •      It gives a liberty to owner to choose the grout colour.
  •      It reduces general maintenance cleaning time.

How to colour grout with a sealer –

  • Thoroughly clean the tiles with truck mounted steam cleaner. Colour grout sealer may not stay in place if the tiles are not cleaned properly.
  •  Brushes are used to apply the colour grout sealer to the grout joint.
  • Wipe off the excess colour grout sealer after application.
  • Finally buff the entire surface to remove any residue of the Colour gout sealer.


Now the grout is no longer porous. Do not wet mop the floor for approximately one week and let the grout colour sealer dry. The grout is mopped just like the tile surface.


After care is a must and adds the life to the colour grout sealer.

A grout colour sealer helps in maintaining the floor and keeping the surface hygienic for a long duration.

How to maintain tiles with a color grout sealer applied –

  • Use a vacuum cleaner or broom to remove the dust and dirt from the floor.
  •  Use a mild neutral Ph. floor cleaner to do the wet moping as the grout already has a grout colour sealer on it and does not need a strong cleaner.
  •  Drying with a towel under feet or on the end of a mopping is a must.
  •  The liquid cleaner may get accumulated between the tiles if it is not dried off with a towel.

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