Carpet Cleaning Tip for Red Wine Spills

Whether your in Brisbane, the beautiful Gold Coast or Logan, spilling red wine on your carpet is something almost all homeowners fear, as it really is easy to do, but not so easy to fix. It can be your carpet or perhaps a rug or even your sofa; but like many, if you have beige colored upholstery then red wine can quickly become your enemy when it comes to cleaning and Carpet Cleaning.

The Red Wine Carpet Cleaning Solution

However, it is great to know that spilling red wine on your furniture does not have to mean disaster or expensive carpet cleaning techniques. In fact, when you spill red wine it is can be easy to get your carpet cleaned and looking like new again in no time at all.

When you have carpets in the home then you really need to think of having  professional carpet cleaning at least annually, more often if you have pets or young children.Surface Master recommends professional carpet cleaning every 10 months for the modern family we even send you a friendly reminder if you are on our mailing list. Of course other spills should be treated immediately and never left to dry, and this includes red wine.

When you have spilled red wine on your carpet, even if it is in the middle of a party you are holding in your home, never make the mistake of waiting before trying to remove the spill. Firstly, with some kitchen towel or a cloth you need to gently pat, but never rub the area. This will allow you to absorb any excess without pushing the stain deeper into the fibers.

In a small spray bottle you can mix up a solution of soap and water, but never too strong, and this can be sprayed over the stain and then patted dry. The more natural the remedies for your stains the better, and many expensive chemical stain removers will actually harm your carpet especially if they do not get rinsed out thoroughly enough.Over the counter chemicals can be a nightmare for cleaners as people usually don’t end up rinsing the product out which can affect your next carpet cleaning if you do not warn us beforehand what you have put on it.

When the Carpet Cleaning has Finished

When you have finished with your stain removal technique and the carpet cleaning is almost dry you should place a folded towel over the stain and weight with something heavy over night.This will absorb and left over moisture and red wine that might leach back up from deep down in the carpet as it dries.

Another option to try with these steps is to place a large amount of table salt over the stain to clean your carpets as this will absorb a lot of the moisture from the carpet. You only need to wait for the salt to dry and then just give it a good carpet cleaning with your vacuum to remove it all. That is our do it yourself carpet cleaning tip for removing red wine.If all else fails Surface Master will happily to professionally tend  to your stain whether it be Carpet Cleaning or Upholstery Cleaning we have it covered.

Carpet Cleaning Gold Coast, Upholstery Cleaning Gold Coast cleaning up a Red wine spill

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