Getting stains out of carpet


Never Rub when getting stains out of carpet

The first rule to remember when getting stains out of carpet is never rub at a stain as it just pushes the stain deep into the carpet fibres and makes it much harder to get out. You should always blot at a stain – preferably with something white so there is no colour run off, like a white towel or many paper towels.

Getting stains out of carpet with cleaning products

Off the shelf carpet cleaning products can work on some stains but if you use these products they should always be rinsed back out with warm water as they can leave a residue that attracts dirt and can make the stain reappear. Sometimes just a rinse with warm slightly soapy water is more than enough, especially if the stain is new. You need to be careful not to overwet when getting stains out of carpet as this will can cause all sorts of issues with the backing including tannon stains and mould.

Getting stains out of carpet with baby wipes

It really is amazing how many uses there are for baby wipes and for getting stains out of carpets baby wipes can work wonders on stains like food ect that has been trampled into the carpet by the children. We have used baby wipes for all sorts of things from cleaning tv and monitor screens to cleaning bikes and think everybody should have them on hand even if there is no baby in sight.

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Commercial Job with large stain removal


Call the professionals for carpet stain removals

Here at Surface Master Carpet cleaning we are more than prepared to go the extra mile when it comes to getting stains out of carpet.  We have incorporated basic stain removal into our prices and will always discuss with you if there is extra cost involved when working on large stains. We prefer to finish a carpet cleaning knowing that we have done everything possible to get it up to the best possible condition. So when it comes to getting stains out of carpet maybe you should just give us a call.  We will be happy to come over for a free inspection if you live in the Logan area or surrounds.  We love getting stains out of carpet for all of our customers why not check out our facebook page and see our happy customers for yourself.