How to get stains out of carpet

If general rules are followed, they will help to deal with a spillage. For unusual and persistent stains, a professional carpet cleaner should be contacted.

  • Getting stains out of the carpet is easier if immediate action is taken. Thus, one must blot off liquid stains with clean dry white cloth or a dry kitchen roll. Only towels or white rags should be used for reducing the risk of color transfer.
  • A plastic spatula should be used for removing semi solid substances.
  • For cleaning off any remaining stains, a damp cloth that is soaked in warm water should be used for blotting the stain. A dabbing action of the cloth should be used. However, the remaining liquid should be blotted out with a kitchen towel.
  • For minimizing the stain spreading, one must work from outside the stain.
  • The stain should not be over soaked
  • The pile surface of the surface should not be rubbed.
  • Detergents such as soaps, cleaners, dish washing liquids and others should never be used. Although the carpet is cleaned satisfactorily, various problems such as color bleeding or re soiling can be caused.  The backing or the pile of the carpet can be damaged.
  • If stains are being cleaned from a carpet tile, the tile can be easily lifted and rinsed under the tap. Absorbent paper should be used for mopping up excess moisture. If the tile is being used for cleaning, it must be ensured that it is dry.

What if I can’t get stains out of carpet ?

You should call an expert like Surface Master who can come to your home and use professional tools and cleaners to help get stains out of carpet.