So you are ready for a nice sit down and relax with a hot cup of coffee and all you end up with is a Coffee spill on carpet to clean up. That’s just Great !!  Well as much as you would like to just leave it for later it is best to get onto it as quick as possible if you value your carpet.


The first thing you need to do is absorb the coffee stain with paper towels a rag or a towel. Try not to use bright coloured items as the dye may create a new problem on your carpet. White is the best option if you have it. Make sure you blot the coffee stain from the outside in so you are not spreading it out further. Also you should dab at not rub as you are only making the coffee stain worse. Do not be afraid to use many towels as the more you can absorb in step 1 the easier the other steps become.


Next you need to try and flush out the coffee stain with fresh water but trying not to use so much water that it sinks into the carpet backing. A good technique would be to use a dish sponge of water and lightly press the water into the fibres. Or use a spray bottle to mist water onto the coffee stain. Then use the towels again to soak up the excess water and repeat two of three times.


Make up a bowl or bucket with some hot water and a squirt of dish washing liquid (not too soapy).  Use a spray bottle or sponge and moisten with the cleaning product, then dab at the stain the same as you did with fresh water.


Flush with water again the same as you did in step 2 and just continue repeating until coffee stain has gone or no more will come out so long as you are not over wetting the carpet.


Prevent stain wicking which is the stain rising back to the surface of the fibres as the water evaporates from the carpet. Fold up an absorbent white towel and cover over the stain weighted down with something heavy overnight. You could also try and cover the coffee stain with a large amount of salt as this will absorb the coffee stain and moisture from the carpet.

When All Else Fails

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