Carpet Stain Removal

When we are dealing with carpet stain removal it is very important to act fast as many stains can easily end up being permanent stains the longer they sit.  The first thing you should so is scrape up anything you can off the surface of the carpet without pushing it into the fibers. If it is a liquid spill use a white towel and drop it onto the spill so it soaks up the bulk. Keep turning and refolding the towel until you feel you have lifted all you can from the carpet fiber.

Commercial tile cleaning before and after 3

Rinse the stain

Next thing to do is make up a bucket of warm water with a small squirt dish washing detergent but but not too much as this will cause a new problem on the carpet. using a sponge of something similar you should dab the carpet stain and keep rinsing out in the bucket until you feel you have rinsed out the carpet stain thoroughly.

Repeat first step

Repeat the original steps with a dry towel onto the surface of the carpet to soak up as much moisture as possible. Once you have finished it is a good idea to leave a white towel folded on the surface of the carpet stain and weighted down with something heavy overnight. This way if the satin rises from the carpet backing as it dries it will soak into the towel rather than the surface of the carpet.

Over the counter stain removers

If you buy an over the counter stain remover from the shops it is important to note that these products usually require rinsing as they can often make the stain worse or cause a new stain themselves. Surface Master sell a range of carpet stain removers many of which are rinse free and leave no stain at all on carpets. If you need to remove ink of paint in a hurry a good over the counter product to try would be acetone or methylated spirits. these products will break down inks and paints and are also volatile which means they will evaporate and not require rinsing.