How Long will it take to dry?

This is a difficult question to answer as there are so many variables involved in dry times.  Anyone that advertises exact dry times for carpet cleaning is just setting the customer up for disappointment.  We try to give more realistic estimates based on carpet fiber type, cleaning level, time of day, weather conditions and ventilation of the house.  Surface Master never leave you carpets soaking wet only slightly damp so you can be assured of no issues that you may have had in the past with over wet carpet.

Do I need to pre vacuum?

Pre Vacuuming is your option as we can vacuum on arrival with our hospital grade vacuum cleaner.  However if you own a decent vacuum and wish to have this process done and ready when we arrive then it will reflect in the cost of the job as anything that saves us time will save you money.

Do you move furniture?

Surface Master are happy to move furniture around but the customer must be aware that furniture movement increases job time and therefore cost. Our technicians are usually alone so they are prepared to move any furniture that is comfortable with there own personal limits. We have furniture sliders that can be placed under legs of heavy object to make them easy to move about the room when required.

Do you deodorise?

Yes Surface Master has a special rinse that goes through the wand during the cleaning process which eliminates the possibility of sticky residues and re-appearing stain. There is also a  deodoriser that is rinsed through the carpet leaving your rooms smelling very pleasant and clean. Deodoriser is always applied unless requested not to use by the customer and in heavier circumstances we will apply more deodoriser after cleaning via hand sprayer if the situation requires at no extra cost.

Do you mind if I go out ?

Many people trust Surface Master every day with locking up or being alone on the job. Please be aware that we take this responsibility very seriously and professionally and realize it is a big deal to trust a technician in your house. If you require Surface Master to clean while you are not home or need to go out mid job you can be assured your property is in good trustworthy hands.

What is better Dry or Steam Cleaning ?

Surface Master always recommend steam cleaning unless you are a restaurant or hotel etc that can’t afford down time steam cleaning is always the best option. Dry Cleaning is a surface Clean and doesn’t clean deep down like steam cleaning does and is a much more suitable option for the modern family.

More Questions ?

For anymore carpet cleaning questions feel free to call or email us and we will be happy to answer any concerns you have.

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