Avocado Browning

Ok avocado lovers how many times have we enjoyed a half avocado only to find when we want to eat the second half it has gone brown These avocados are not cheap and it seems such a waste to just throw half of it away.

Cut Avocado hates fresh air

The browning is an oxidizing process that starts as soon as the avocado is cut open. It is ok to still eat an avocado that is slightly brown but not recommended to eat a very brown one.

Prevent Avocado Browning tips

Can we stop avocado browning ? not really but there are steps we can take to slow the process down which gives us time to enjoy the other half of a yummy avocado at a later date. Leaving the pip in the avocado does not stop if from browning but does stop the avocado which is immediately underneath the pip from turning brown so it would be a good idea to leave it in.

  • Lime juice, Lemon juice and vinegar all slow the oxidizing process down so a light coating of one of these will help keep avocado for longer.
  • Cling wrap will help reduce the amount of air that gets to fruit so it is also a good option to wrap a soon as possible.
  • Vacuum sealing is an excellent way to keep the air away from the avocado but we do not all own one of these and probably do not want to purchase one just for avocados.
  • Submerging the avocado in a bowl of water has been know to help the avocado last for days without going brown but it depends how  you plan on eating the avocado at a later date as this process would be ok for mashing later.
  • place it in an airtight container with some large chunks of red onion this one is definitely worth a try as it seems to have the best results but depends what lengths you wish to go to prevent browning

Final thoughts

Well there are several ways to slow down the browning process which could be worth while with the price of avocados these days. I would recommenced trying a combination of the lime or lemon juice followed by wrapping with cling wrap and storing in the fridge. I hope one of these tips help you enjoy your yummy avocados the next day in perfect condition. I would love for comments from people who try out any of these tips and want to share there findings.