Tile & Grout Cleaning Redlands Bay

We know you’ll be amazed with the results, that’s why we offer a FREE DEMO before you commit to a full clean.

Surface Masters tile grout cleaning service for the Redlands Bay area can remove years of dirt and grime from your floors making cleaning much more manageable again.

Why Choose Us ?

  • We’re not in a rush! Bigger time slots allow for far better results. Tile and grout gets as much time as needed for greatest result.
  • Owner operated means we take pride in our work and care about the results.
  • We use a trailer-mounted industrial strength machine which is more powerful than portable machines.
  • Our Technician is trained & certified to industry standards in hard floor care.
  • The highest quality cleaning products are used to ensure maximum results.
  • We show up in our time slot or call if we’re going to be more than 10 mins later.
  • We NEVER up sell products you do not need so you won’t feel pressured to spending more money.
  • Not a franchise so we’re not restricted to certain product lines. We select on the best products on the market based on years of experience.
  • No fuss money back guarantee (but that’s never happened)
  • Discounts for combined services & empty homes in Redlands Bay area.

Tile Grout Cleaning Services

Tile Cleaning Redlands Bay
Often it is hard to tell you have a build up on the tile surface as it happens slowly over a few years. One day you move some furniture or a mat and you can see the difference in colour in the unused areas. It is amazing how much brighter and cleaner the house looks after the tile cleaning process has been performed in your house. Our tile cleaning process can also be very successfull at removing red dirt stains as we know a lot of Redlands Bay residents have issues with.
Grout Cleaning Redlands Bay
Dirty grout with trapped in grease and grime can really ruin the look of your floors. Dirty grout does not happen overnight it builds up slowly over a long period of time. Once the grease fill the gout lines in the kitchen it starts spreading quicker throughout the house until it just seems impossible to clean. Our grout cleaning process can also be very successfull at removing red dirt stains as we know a lot of Redlands Bay residents have issues with.
Grout Smear Removal
Grout smear is a heavy layer of grout left on the surface after a tile installation is complete. Once the grout smear has dried and cured it can be very difficult to remove. Our Grout smear removal process can move grout smear off the floor without causing damage to your tile and grout.
Grout Haze Removal
Grout haze is very similar to grout smear but is a much lighter coating of grout that has been left behind after wiping the tile clean during the install process. A lot of new homes are left with builders residue and grout smear especially the newer porcelain tiles. These residues can sometimes be on your tiles forever if not professionally removed.
Grout Sealing
Penetrating grout sealer can be applied on after a tile and grout cleaning process has been performed. The idea is that once the grease and grime has been removed removed by the grout cleaning process the pores of the grout are then filled with the penetrating sealer instead. It is important to have a chat before any grout sealing is performed so the technician can explain how the grout sealer works. This way you can decide whether grout sealing is right for you.
Red Dirt Stains
We know some of you in the Redlands bay area have dirt stains on tile and grout. Our tile and grout cleaning process has had a lot of success at removing red dirt stains from both tile and grout for other Redlands Bay residents.
Free Demo and Quote
If you live in the Redlands Bay area we can measure the floors for you as well as do a small demo clean while discussing your needs and our tile and grout cleaning process. The demo allows us to see which products will clean your tile and grout back to its best while allowing you to get an idea of results before booking a tile and grout clean.

Tile Cleaning Grout Cleaning Spinner Tool

Tile & Grout Cleaning Process

Redlands Bay Tile and Grout Cleaning process has been perfected over years. We have a cleaning process that constantly produces amazing results for our customers. Discover more on how our tile and grout cleaning process works.
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Ways we can provide a quote

  • Give a ballpark price based on a phone call or email. Firm price to be confirmed on day of cleaning with no obligation to go through with service.
  • We can give a firm email quote if you send area photos of size and tile type to be cleaned.
  • We can do no obligation free in home quote and cleaning test at your home in Redlands Bay.
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Tile and Grout Cleaning Reviews

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Free Tile and Grout Cleaning product

All Tile and Grout Cleaning services over 40m2 receive a FREE bottle of tile and grout maintenance cleaning product. We also provide free advice on the best methods to keep your floor in its restored state for an extended amount of time.