Our no Fuss Guarantee

If you are for some reason unsatisfied with the job we have provided we will come back and rectify the problem free of charge. If you are still not satisfied with the service provided then you will be offered 100 percent of your money back for the part of the job you are unhappy with.

Operating Hours

  • 8am - 4pm
  • 8am - 9pm

General Terms and Conditions

  • Our minimum job charge is $130 unless otherwise pre-arranged with your booking.
  • All prices quoted on websites and flyers will be final price unless any further problems present themselves on inspection of site.
  • Room sizes are quoted at sizes up to 14 square metres - rooms much larger will be re-quoted.
  • Stubborn stain removal is not included in quote.  Any stains that need special treatment will be quoted per stain. You will only have to pay for extra for stain removal if you consent to the extra work and we get the stain out.
  • If urine contamination is detected under carpet:  if large amounts of moisture have made its way all the way down under the underlay, The correct procedure is to clean and seal sub floor then clean carpet and replace underlay.
  • Free bottle of Tile and Grout offer . All Tile and Grout Jobs over $250 in value will receive a free 2 litre Tile and Grout Cleaning product. All jobs under $250 will receive a free 250ml bottle of Tile and Grout Cleaning product as well as our recommended cleaning methods sheet.

Parking For Our Trailer

Our technician has a car with high powered industrial truckmount machine mounted in a trailer. This needs to be considered as some sites have difficult access for parking and hoses. We have 60 meters of hoses and running from street position is rarely not a problem. Please note we currently do not service CBD of high rise type dwellings.
Upholstery Cleaning Caravan

We take calls from 8am to 9pm every day Ph 07 32996340